A Brian Wilsonesque life? a/k/a Three weeks ago I was a corpse and now I’m a bloated sack of fat and two weeks before these three weeks I was bloated as hell as well and two weeks before I was a corpse and… a/k/a prescribed shit a/k/a man my body is aching, I need ibuprofen

Four P.M. and well, I’m used to sleep in the afternoon usually letting my computer process something time-consuming and I guess the title says it all; damn, I’m gonna put on the Adult Child version of Shortnin’ Bread even, cos this is so appropriate and yet so ridiculous that I feel like cheering myself up, what with the consumption of a bit more Concerta than I should and with me quitting benzodiazepines cold turkey cos I can’t stand waking up with the terrible hangover they cause me as well as the binge eating of ham and cheese sandwiches enough to eschew – wait a damn minute. I’ve just realized something. Two fellows, arguing on YouTube about all the vocals on Shortnin’ Bread being (on this particular version) just Brian or not and they ending up on poetic versus vicious – I agree and disagree with both of them, as well as – I’m falling asleep. Save draft, relax.

17:51. I always wake up thinking I’ve slept more than I should, when the sum of sleeping time at night and in the afternoon for me is usually no more than five hours. This zany schedule as well as the fact that whenever it escapes its’ pattern is already wrong; and on goes the cyclotimia (hah, WordPress tries to correct the word as well as the word “WordPress”, and my browser has its’ settings all geared and specifically suited for English, and I think it made me misspell a word or two (I never misspell something I have even more knowledge, have been a teacher of, am self taught at since 5 years old, and never had nothing but perfect scores for every single goddamn test for it, including those ridiculous international proficiency tests – TOEFL, TIEC, IELTS, TELC, ITEP – the only ones available in here and all of which I’ve had to endure relentless boredom on certified English course schools (certified my ass if I knew how to speak better than their teachers, a good part of which have been studied overseas, and I’ve never set foot outside of my own country, and certainly will NEVER do so, what with the shit state on which most of ’em are, and what with the shit state the socioeconomic (WordPress doesn’t approve of the dash) model they’ve been following and the way they milk their cows since – I’m sounding like a xenophobic smartass (oh no, colloquialisms, I’m sorry, but I write ’em the damn fuckin’ way I want to) now am I? I’ll shut my mouth, and stop with the six or seven or whatever parentheses in here and then later make a typo.))

Damn. Gone outta my way on an already not-so-attractive and quite shifty (in a “showing your rotten side” way perhaps too much for comfort, especially for a second) blog post. Especially considering that I haven’t been teaching for years already and went pretty rusty and very crude (and chock-full of expletives and neologisms and a rednecky approach (hey, they are my friends after all and well, one of ’em is black so color me a sand nigger for loving THE SOUTH ?!? Yes. Truth is stranger than fiction and #louisiana and #texas were often visited channels amongst many on one particular IRC server where I’ve planted my roots on, let’s put it that way; and yeah, I sound like a cross between a Russian, a guy from East LA, and a Texan.)) annnnd I GOTTA shut my mouth again. Damn. This is not gonna go well. And I’m not playing coy. Really, man. If only the web were like the woods, who knows. Quaint little cold and misty places full of trees and water streams where you can get lost but you know your way through this place has never been and never will. I don’t even know what I was supposed to say now, aside from the fact that the title already pretty much covers it, so I’m like a fool here adding insult to injury.

I think many things were outlined already right when you visit this blog, that is, if anyone will, and if so, probably for the wrong reasons. Let’s leave this one tag-free. Also this is boring me so I’m gonna take a walk outside.


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